clients from hell – continued



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ballon rouge


Vive Le ballon rouge! Vive Albert Lamorisse! Vivement 1956! Veni vidi vici Furore 21 (Summer 2012)! Vivat Piet Schreuders!

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tilda jarman & derek swinton

“Art is now indivisible from the idea of culture, culture from heritage, heritage from tourism – tourism (from what I saw emblazoned recently on the window of an American chainstore in Glasgow) as the art of ‘leisure'” dixit Tilda Swinton in Derek (2008), Isaac Julien‘s ultrafresh tribute to Derek Jarman. What a Mensch! More quotes here and do check:

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belgian solutions

Originally posted on Utopia Parkway:
One for the foreign readers of this blog, as this amusing tiny photography book has already received ample coverage in the Belgian press. Understandably, as it is a book tapping into something we Belgians feel…

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eddy de jongh’s adventures (in photography)

Foto Eddy“: excellent documentary, great photographer … a Mensch, triumph and tragedy all in one. The trailer doesn’t do justice to the full lenghth movie imho. RIP Eddy de Jongh and hats off to his son David for making the documentary, and all who feature in it!

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when that dream boat barges in

Quite like this new JPG commercial – directed by Johnny Green – but I like it better in its ‘blunt’ short version: less fuss, more boat power. Great post-surrealist idea somewhere between Maya Deren & Max Ernst with hints of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, rainy old Werner Fassbinder and that old chartered hand Gilliam, no?

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federico babina’s legendary film houses


Architecture in films (continued, see tags) via via via


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