jef cornelis & geert bekaert truly visionary

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Adding to our post on Jef Cornelis from 2010-10 (do read the quote from “De Straat” there) here’s some excerpts from a truly visionary interview from 1969, as published in the Humo weekly (author unknown). These pictures were taken from a slide projected by Christophe Van Herrewey during his lecture at the “Verloren werelden – 5 films van Jef Cornelis & Geert Bekaert” event organised by het Vlaams Architectuur Instituut (VAI) in Antwerp on 2016-12-18. Earlier this year, Argos, Canvas & the Cinematek had spoilt us by screening a lot of work of the duo – see also: and (such an impractical site on mobile) and and and

IM Geert Bekaert (1928-2016).


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