Portuguese cinema, it’s not just Costa, Monteiro or Oliveira … Cleaning up my digibox I saw this craziest of fringe movies: O fantasma” (“Phantom”) by João Pedro Rodrigues (Lisbon 2000). Looked like a mismatch at first – a nasty B movie for gay audiences – but hold on, don’t delete without watching the finale: it ends in a sort of existentialist neo sixties finale, albeit without Rita TushinghamStill latex-clad, Sérgio then wanders crazed in the junkyard as if a dog, a bizarre performance(dixit PFS) … like a Diabolikdirected by a gay Godard fan or other Ferreri from behind the iron curtain. Couldn’t find the right excerpt on YT so I recommend watching JPR’s Lisbon on the Guardian’s site instead ;-),broadcastingNum=1170682,day=5,week=29,year=2010.html

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