best heatwave movie ever


“Toute une nuit”

(1982) by Chantal Akerman is a truly idiosyncratic slice of – er – commonplace avantgarde depicting average human beings of the early eighties choreographically sweating and longing and losing both their cool and the plot during a hot summer’s night … until the early morn’s orage brings them back to reality. Filmed in Brussels and Strombeek (Belgium) with a typically Belgian mix of a cast, featuting Frank Aendenboom, François Beukelaers, Jan Decleir, Jan Decorte, Luk De Konink, Ingrid De Vos, Chris Lommé, Hilde Van Mieghem and many more … “Toute une nuit” somehow ends in much the same way as “La notte” (Antonioni 1960) … yet it’s totally of its day and age (see also Bausch, Blier, De Keersmaeker, Tuxedomoon, Van Tieghem, Yello, …)! To me, “Toute une nuit” ranks as one of la Akerman’s best – I really love the perfect styling of restlesness and the scarce of dialogues replete with poetic clichés (check Decleir’s character’s homecoming) that somehow anticipate on the eclecticism and sampling that would mark Brussels later on (and still does). Even so, “Toute une nuit” depicts the universal City and its citizens, both passionate and resigned.,459.aspx  + click the tag
… eh and do check this last link! Sadly, the pdf with press clippings below doesn’t always get rendered. Used to, though, and sometimes does. Second pdf from Versus magazine (source) seems ok. Viva Posterous > WordPress?


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