why don’t we put all those vuvuzelas in the bp oil leak

Vuvuzzzawfulll!!! Encouraging the production of vuvuzelas in order to have each game drowned in its debilitating sound = the worst ‘creative events’ idea ever! I pity those who want to watch / play as much games as possible … they’ll need therapy. Or this app to fight withdrawal … Meanwhile sonic engineers are having a field day – witness http://www.surfpoeten.de/tube/vuvuzela_filter via http://www.everydaylistening.com/articles/2010/6/15/vuvuzela-filter.html – while jokes & games abound galore, e.g. http://www.sporza.be/cm/sporza/extra/games/GAME_vuvuzela_smash via http://www.facebook.com/pages/Why-dont-we-put-all-those-Vuvuzelas-in-the-BP-oil-leak/107482919299602 + bonus + http://banvuvuzela.com/ + http://www.vuvuzela-time.co.uk/ … and of course there’s this fab image by Kenneth Kameleoñ!


And if you’re pro: knock yerself out here: http://www.spitorswallow.co.za/blowme.php


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Started my blog on Posterous (snaporaz), moved it to WordPress (zaropans because the original name was taken).
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One Response to why don’t we put all those vuvuzelas in the bp oil leak

  1. Hugo Verweij says:

    Thanks for the link, and I like your title!

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