clouzot’s inferno (lost classic)

Was it the exquisite company I was in, or just the immense talent nay genius of Messrs Clouzot (1964 footage) & Bromberg (2009 documentary)? Either way, I was blown away by “L’enfer” / “Inferno” – and not just because of the performances by Romy Schneider and Serge Reggiani, but most of all because of the photography & visual experiments, the utterly brilliant sound design & experiments, the story and all the other original ideas by HenriGeorges Clouzot and his team. *Sigh* – “L’enfer” would have caused quite a sensation had it come out in 1965 – and I’m pretty sure it would still be a landmark in the history of cinema today! So do go and see Serge Bromberg‘s documentary dans les salles as soon as you can! (Tip: don’t give the trailer any glimpse beforehand, as it doesn’t do the documentary justice. Just go see it with no expecations – you’ll be amazed.) Hey and there’s a book with film stills too, Romy dans l’enfer” (Albin Michel, 2009-11)!’Enfer_(Clouzot),_1964)

Btw: some thirty years later Claude Chabrol got back to Clouzot’s script and released his ownL’enferin 1994. Merci Em!


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3 Responses to clouzot’s inferno (lost classic)

  1. Ingrid Hoeben says:

    Chabrol – L’Enfer – 1994. Sounds interesting to say the least.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sublime sensualité…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beauty !

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