abandoned planet



Marvellous photos by Sylvain Margaine, who has published a magnificent book with David Margaine: “Forbidden places. Explorations insolites d’un patrimoine oublié“, Versailles: Jonglez 2009-10, ISBN 9782915807813, originally written in French, also available in English (subtitled Exploring our abondoned heritage), Italian and Spanish.
via http://www.brusselnieuws.be/artikels/cultuur/pottenkijken-in-de-oude-veeartsenijschool
… which is about http://www.forbidden-places.net/urban-exploration-the-veterinary-school-of-br…
Source for the second picture above: http://www.forbidden-places.net/urban-exploration-cinema-theater-varia
On that topic, see also: http://www.focale-alternative.be/varia-theatre-jumet/ + http://www.arts-sceniques.be/html/qui/varia/ou.htm … and here’s another post where Mr. Margaine’s pictures are mentioned.

Hey and what’s your favourite abandoned place (seen live or on photo)?

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