future of the usa … with a werner voiceover


“Struggling with its immortality, a discarded plastic bag (voiced by Werner Herzog) ventures through the environmentally barren remains of America as it searches for its maker, the young woman who took it home from the store and eventually abandoned it.” The full episode of Ramin Bahrani‘s Plastic Bagwill go online on 2010-08-03, but Fb members can already view the 1’15” trailer here or via the FS fanpage on Fb(Sigur Rós fans note that the soundtrack is by Kjartan Sveinsson! Hehe, and what a sweet voice der Werner has. If ever he’s out of a job as a director – hopefully never – he’s still got a bright future reading books and voiceover lines! Btw for more on Herzog, click the tag to read my previous posts, which feature lotsa links.)

Meanwhile, don’t expect too much from (the links to) http://futurestates.tv/ yet, at this particular point in time (i.e. before 2010-03-08). For more on the director (probably most famous for 2005’s Man Push Cart), click the links under his name above, or check these:

But what’s that Future States thang, you ask? San Francisco’s Independent Television Service (ITVS) has announced Future States“, “a new online fictional series to explore visions of life in a future America” (read: USA). The project is part of their “strategy for a sustainable competitive public media”, and apparently, the Corporation of Public Broadcasting (CPB, “a private corporation funded by the American people”) is involved too. We wish them all the best. From our old continent (aka RoW) point of view, it’s fascinating to follow what is and might still be happening in the USA in its transformation form a world superpower backed by the almighty dollar to a nation finally trying to deal with its sustainability, health & homeless problems, to name but a few. For the Obama momentum … soit, that’s been & being discussed way too much already. Positive project wise … “ITVS worked with over 20 of today’s best and emerging indie filmmakers to complete the 11 films to make up FutureStates. Contributors include acclaimed director Ramin Bahrani, whose mini-feature entitled “Plastic Bag” is narrated by the legendary Werner Herzog, Greg Pak‘s “Mister Green” and Tze Chun’s “Silver Sling”. “Even though FutureStates is a fictional series, we want to engage viewers in a conversation about our world,” says Matthew Meschery, ITVS director of Digital Initiatives. “In many ways, imagining the future helps us come together around the challenges we face today. FutureStates is definitely not a tv series,” adds Meschery. “It’s a transmedia program for your computer, your phone, and your tv too.”” Source : http://itvs.org/pressroom/press_detail.php?pressId=6687

Thank you De Filmkrant for bringing this to our attention!
& see also http://everydaytrash.com/2009/10/01/ramin-bahranis-plastic-bag/ ;-)


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