ha ha ha hipsters from hell


from: http://unhappyhipsters.com/ – utterly love that site – totally brilliant at exposing the depressing, cultureless, dare I say nineties side of bad design and tasteless choices – like a Tati from hell – and, hey, speaking of witch, dig this one to the core too:

That looks really nice, we love it…could you also ditch the graphics and just put the letters inside an oval? That’d be great. \ We have no budget for this ad, but the good news is that we are definitely sure that we want to work with you. \ I want it to appeal to a soccer mom with twins, but remain unisex. I’m thinking gold with diamonds. \ Make the site have the contact information hidden between the lines, like subliminally. I want our clients to be smart enough to figure it out and when they do, I want them to remember the information forever. \ I have printed it out, but the animated gif is not moving? Can you include a splash intro animation that turns the screen into a mirror so they can see themselves? We really want to push the metaphor. \ I want exactly that but different. \ Can you make our website track their webcams? I want to make sure that anybody on our site aren’t creepy-stalker types. \ That chart about the different kinds of radiation makes the radiation seem too scary. Can you make it look friendlier? \ What I want you to do with this issue is go outside the box but stay in the box at the same time. \ We really don’t like web as a medium. Can you please force our sites visitors to print out a copy of every page? We want our page to be more tangible.  
All from: http://clientsfromhell.tumblr.com/ + bonus!

… all of this discovered via http://mashable.com/2010/02/09/single-serving-tumblr-blogs/ + another hipster & more hell here


& see also https://zaropans.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/exactitudes/ and the links there


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