peak oil by night


Elaborating upon my homage to the fab Eric Tabuchi in an earlier post, here’s Troy Paiva!
For more, see:  (couldn’t link to pix there)
and in print via:
Flattering foreword by:
& more pix on: Flickr > /photos/lostamerica/sets/72157602339461189/

2004 + 2006: +

Bonus:  (véry stylish photography)


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One Response to peak oil by night

  1. Yes, I looked at the photos. They are great.

    Peak oil by night will look very different than what we have ever seen. Without energy the world will be totally black. The area that I currently live in has a high amount of light pollution so I have never technically seen a true black night. The good part about this though is once the pollution is gone I’ll be able to see the stars at night like I’ve never seen them. Here’s a link to the
    Bortle scale of nighttime light.

    Here’s a link to earth light pollution photos,

    Early mankind huddled together to protect himself from the dangerous dark night. Soon enough that will occur again.


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