touché media critique #2

Geert Buelens – – did not jot down all that much nove sub sole, but he namechecks a lot of interesting reading … and in part four makes some interesting suggestions (though, in a sense, the pundit idea already found some sort of answer in the all too unfamiliar + as a contest is way too ‘spectacle society’ imho). Soit. Hopefully his four-part “state of the media” inspires a few editors-in-chief, publishers & other ceo’s … and that rare breed of politician with a talent for long term stragegy, as I do think that a number of quality control contracts have to be made if the media are to get any future fundings by the tax payer. Indeed, I’m no firm believer in self regulation by the likes of marketers – can’t find much examples of success stories in that area, really. (Perhaps all parties involved should be locked away at Hertoginnedal – or the Big Brother Mansion – for a weekend with strict orders to address a list of issues commonly agreed upon.)

1/4 –
2/4 –
3/4 –
4/4 –
+ earlier on: Arnon Grunberg, cf. ; bonus case in point: ///

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