boinque! le slapstick total






Ouch! Way to move! Yet: hilarious by the mere amount of different wrecks on display … But how? I’m sure it has to do with the psychology of the rental mover. He (or she) is in a hurry, for one, but most of all, in his mind, he’s driving a van or camionette and not a lorry or mini truck, even though he has just paid a little extra to get more volume on wheels. And so, 2m39 is not in his mind. Or else, he’s in way over his head and can’t find the breaks in time ;-/


So how to solve this? An electronic gate at the entry, or else some sort of benji rubber elastics? Anyway, there should still be some sort of way out possible beyond the gate that screens the vehicle … Or is it just that the rental and insurance companies (and the Ville de Paris) are earning more money the way things are going wrong now?


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