jef cornelis & geert bekaert truly visionary

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Adding to our post on Jef Cornelis from 2010-10 (do read the quote from “De Straat” there) here’s some excerpts from a truly visionary interview from 1969, as published in the Humo weekly (author unknown). These pictures were taken from a slide projected by Christophe Van Herrewey during his lecture at the “Verloren werelden – 5 films van Jef Cornelis & Geert Bekaert” event organised by het Vlaams Architectuur Instituut (VAI) in Antwerp on 2016-12-18. Earlier this year, Argos, Canvas & the Cinematek had spoilt us by screening a lot of work of the duo – see also: and (such an impractical site on mobile) and and and

IM Geert Bekaert (1928-2016).

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jef stuyven’s art

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Enjoy the images (c) Jef Stuyven and go see the expo @ De Specht, Ravenstraat 116 in Leuven (Louvain), Belgium, until 2016-05-31. If only for the man’s remarkable collection of objects, e.g. the fisherman’s anthropology! (Or how would yoù call that series of wonderful objects?)

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franklin van hees’ magnitogorsk

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World class photography on Russia (Magnitogorsk) by Franklin Van Hees, in Hoboken (Antwerp), Oudestraat 41, from 2016-02-16 until 2016-02-27. Expo’s open on Saturdays from 9.30 until 13 o’clock and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 14 & 21 o’locco. Location is close to the Hoboken terminus of trams 2 & 4. Go visit on:

  • 2016-02-16 between 14 and 21
  • 2016-02-17 between 14 and 21
  • 2016-02-18 between 14 and 21
  • 2016-02-27 between 9.30 and 13
  • 2016-02-23 between 14 and 21
  • 2016-02-24 between 14 and 21
  • 2016-02-25 between 14 and 21
  • 2016-02-27 between 9.30 and 13 (when the expo ends).

More pictures here. Share link for this blogpost:

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heimlichly unreal estate

Wows for sale at

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tanner alain tanner


Halfway between Varda and Faraldo, there’s Tanner. Alain Tanner, from Geneva. Discreet charm, clever man, singular cineast, both poet and sociologist. Worked with John Berger, too, and was influenced by Pérec, methinks. Do dig!

After my post on the exquisite Dans la ville blanche (1983) here’s a second one on Alain Tanner, on the occasion of the Cinematek showing his movies. I’d already been struck by “Jonas qui aura vingt ans en l’an 2000” (1976 – see below), and this time around I finally got to seeCharles mort ou vif (1969), La Salamandre (1971 – with Bulle Ogier and the wonderful Jacques Denis), Le retour d’Afrique (1972 – do sit it out for the magnificent “Swissair” ending). Sadly, Messidor didn’t get projected but we got a fine documentary on Tanner by Pierre Maillard instead.

Highlight of the series were the scene from Jonas below (still ever so relevant) and the utterly wonderful Le milieu du monde (1974) which speaks of “a time of normalization … when exchange is permitted – and nothing changes (…) Paul knew only what he wanted. Adriana knew only what she didn’t want. So their hopes were normalized. Hopes are born every day. But they are shattered against lies, opportunism, and fear”.

In French: “Le film commence par l’image d’un tournage de film, et il est dit qu’un film dépend du lieu et du temps de son tournage. Celui-ci en sera un tourné au milieu du monde, ainsi nomme-t-on un endroit en Suisse, où par ailleurs l’existence fait “milieu du monde”, et dans un temps de normalisations, quand les espoirs de transformation sont déçus, quand les événements ne cachent pas qu’il ne se passe rien en profondeur, qu’idées, sentiments, désirs sont refoulés, que le temps passe sans que rien ne soit transformé “en réalité”. (…) Paul savait ses désirs, mais de façon fragmentée, sans envisager de changement véritable. Adriana ne savait peut-être que ce qu’elle ne voulait pas, aussi prit-elle une décision. Ainsi tous les jours des espoirs naissent, et puis sont échangés. Mais ils avortent, faute de se conjuguer au mouvement réel de la vie, et ils se brisent au mur des mensonges, de l’opportunisme et de la peur. Ainsi les espoirs de Paul et Adriana furent-ils normalisés. Au lieu d’être historisés.” (Merci Edouard Apanszewski, Courrier Sud, 1975-07-14 p. 11!).

James Monaco interviewed Alain Tanner for Movietone News #51. Here’s an excerpt from p. 32:


Click to access 1180.pdf,_pas_comme_si,_comme_%C3%A7a.html,film,19746,9555.html

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